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For the past few years Bub Edwards has been a wildlife commissioner, and among the many things he did was fight to keep a hen mallard out of the duck hunting bag limit. Fish and Wildlife Service would allow hunters two, Edwards thought one was enough.

The commission voted on the 2009 2010 duck seasons Friday at Paris Landing State Park in Buchanon, approving a 60 day season with a six duck bag limit. The statewide season opens Nov. 28 29, closes for a week, then reopens Dec. 5 and runs through Jan. 31.

The Reelfoot Zone opens Nov. 14 15, then reopens with the statewide season Dec. 5 Jan. 31.

Sixty is the maximum number of days allowed under the federal framework and six is the maximum bag limit.

Edwards didn’t get his hen protected this year, with Tennessee hunters allowed four mallards per day, two of which can be hens.

“I always did what I thought was right,” he said. “And it was always a lot of fun.”

Besides the mallards, the bag limit includes no more than three wood ducks, two scaup, one pintail, one canvasback and one black duck.Canada Goose Jackets The bag limit of three wood ducks is during the late season only and not the early wood duck season, which opens Sept. 12. The bag limit during the early season is two per day.

The Canada goose season runs Oct. 3 9 and Nov. 28 through Jan. 31 with a bag limit of two per day. White fronted goose season is Dec. 5 through Feb. 14 with a bag limit of two per day and the light goose season is Nov. 25 through Feb. 14 and the bag limit is 20 per day. The Conservation Order season on light geese is Feb. 15 through March 10 and electronic calls and unplugged guns are permitted.

Baked apples with cherries and almonds

Preheat the oven to 350F.In a small bowl, toss together the cherries, almonds, wheat germ, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg until all the ingredients are evenly distributed. Set aside.The apples can be left unpeeled, if you like. To peel the apples in a decorative fashion, with a vegetable peeler or a sharp knife, remove the peel from each apple in a circular motion, skipping every other row so that rows of peel alternate with rows of apple flesh. Working from the stem end, core each apple, stopping 3/4 inch from the bottom.Divide the cherry mixture evenly among the apples, pressing the mixture gently into each cavity. Arrange the apples upright in a heavy ovenproof frying pan or small baking dish just large enough to hold them. Pour the apple juice and water into the pan. Drizzle the honey and oil evenly over the apples, and cover the pan snugly with aluminum foil. Bake until the apples are tender when pierced with a knife, 50 to 60 minutes.

Bargains can come back to bite you

Police say people are so keen to save money, they’ll even risk their health and safety by buying fake goods.

RCMP Inspector Todd Gilmore, who tries to catch counterfeiters in the Greater Toronto Area, says the buying and selling of bogus goods is a serious problem that’s getting worse.

Recently, he said, a woman had to visit the hospital after she suffered an allergic reaction to fake MAC cosmetics she bought at a Mississauga flea market.

Gilmore says people are buying fake prescription drugs, often sold over the Internet, improperly made electronics such as extension cords or computer parts, and even knock off toothpaste.

want a deal. They want it cheap, he said. isn any regard for quality or safety. Who knows what is in it? weekend, officers were at the same Mississauga flea market to ensure fake makeup wasn being sold again. They saw so many fake DVDs, they starting seizing them.

people were still coming up, while we were there in uniform, wanting to buy them, Gilmore said. an ethical question that consumers have to ask themselves. What purpose does it have for someone to walk around with a fake Burberry purse?

fake. The only person you kidding is yourself, he said. do you convince consumers to buy the real thing? sale of counterfeit goods in Canada is significant, with business estimating it costs as much as $30 billion a year.

Other items have included fake Red Bull drinks and Sidney Crosby jerseys, with shoddy stitching.

Counterfeiting is so prevalent, Gilmore said, that an investigation of close to 1,000 Canadiens jersey wearing fans in Montreal showed 80 per cent were fake.

Canada Goose, the high end winter parka company, says counterfeiters are becoming so bold they are now raising their prices to retail prices, said Kevin Spreekmeester, vice president of global marketing.

It has hired a company that searches the web daily, looking for rogue sites that sell its fakes.

Internet is the new flea market, he said.

Spreekmeester said his company has tested some knock offs and found feather mulch that can contain mould and feces.

could actually get sick from it, he said, adding the material won keep people warm.

While there are few available statistics, organized crime is believed to be linked to most counterfeiting in Canada. The largest recent fine in the Toronto area was $60,000, which criminal organizations would probably chalk up to the cost of doing business.

more lucrative than the drug trade, said Gilmore. profit margins are more profitable and there less risk. laws are seen as not as vigorous as other countries.

expect it will be introduced in the fall, said Chris Gray, director of intellectual property at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. a majority government, it should be a little easier to push the ball up the hill. 2003 to 2008, the RCMP investigated 1,500 cases of counterfeiting, seizing about $64 million in fake goods. But limited resources means the RCMP concentrates on items that put the health or safety of Canadians at risk, not the purses or clothes.

In May, RCMP officers arrested a man after they seized fake Viagra and Cialis pills worth $1 million on the street as well as containers full of fake luxury goods from boots to jeans, worth $5 million.